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Precision Table Top Automatic Autoclave
with in built Drying Cycle
  (Item code No:- 1053)

                                    PRECISION TABLE TOP CONICLAVE 2000    


CONICLAVE TABLE TOP 2000 is a modern autoclave with many controls and safe guard to manage day to day sterilization in clinics, hospitals O.T.'s and Labs.
Available in two versions:- 1) DIGITAL(Programmable) model
   2) Selection knob timer (Economy) model.

 CONICLAVE TABLE TOP 2000 is of Front Loading type design, automatic and convenient to operate. After placing the instruments / dressings etc. in the sterilizer one needs just to set the time to select the particular sterilizing cycle  appropriate for the type of material load to be sterilized and then to switch ON and the equipment controls the rest. In case of the PID controlled model (digital temperature control, timer & display), one custom program can be saved to the memory.

PRECISE CONTROL of temperature and pressure is achieved via recourse to an electric pressure switch as well as a digital temperature controller.
Sturdy and rugged construction throughout: - Sterilizing chamber is made of tough corrosion – resistant grade 304 or 316 polished stainless steel designed to withstand three times the maximum operating pressure and is provided with a two step safety door locking mechanism.
Thermal insulation of the inner chamber is afforded by means of wrapping in asbestos sheet / glass wool encompassed in a metal cladding together with a ceramic jacket with low thermal conductivity to protect the sophisticated electronics inside the outer casing.
The front panel of the console is provided with pressure gauge, pilot lamps to indicate the various phases of the sterilization cycle, Digital Temperature CONTROL/Timer-Knob(depending on the version) for selection of the cycle duration. The end of the sterilization cycle is followed automatically by a drying phase at higher temperature, which can however be omitted (if desired) by means of a switch if the delicate loads are not suitable for drying cycle (Eg. Some dental / orthopedic  micromoter-hand-pieces).

It operates on sterilization cycle of 121 -- 128 DEGREES CENTIGRADE temperature and 15psi-20psi pressure 15-55 minutes & also features drying cycle with auto steam release for 5-7 minutes upto 121- 126-134 DEGREES CENTIGRADE temperature.
In case of the microprocessor-controlled models, custom programming of parameters like temperature and duration of sterilization cycle (and also of the drying cycle) is feasible.
Power consumption is minimal since the heating elements in CONICLAVE TABLE TOP 2000 are energized with electric current for only 50% to 60% during this cycle. Power cuts off when desired temperature is achieved and gets on when it gets
lower than the fixed.
CONICLAVE TABLE TOP 2000 has International Safety
Standards: double safety valve, release of steam at appropriatetime and pressure and automatic power cut at specific temperature & time.
CONICLAVE TABLE TOP 2000 Provides for audio-visual monitoring of sterilization cycle completion (indicator/buzzer). Visual indicators are provided to show the phases of the process of sterilization.
Equipment automatically gets switched OFF after completing all cycles.  A contrivance has been provided for optional automatic (solenoid controlled) draining of water via double-shut-off coupling and silicone tubing.




Customer Reviews:

matthews10  (Saturday, 11 May 2013)
Rating: 5
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  (Tuesday, 27 July 2010)
Rating: 5
I am highly satisfied with the performance and reliability of CONICLAVE 2000. I am a dental implantologist with an additional geberal dental practice
of approx. 60-70 patients daily. I also possess a table-top microprocessorised VACUUM autoclave manufactured by CONICA and am delighted with its
performance. They are both HEAVY DUTY workers and lovable companions. Use of My autoclaves is shared by an orthopedic surgeon and a gynecologist for
their OPD practice and they are full of praise for my choice.

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