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CONICLAVE is a modern, AUTOMATIC COMPACT AUTOCLAVE  with many controls and safeguards to manage day to day sterilization in Medical Doctor's  O.P.D Clinics (Dentists, E.N.T., Gynecologist, General Surgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon), BEAUTY PARLORS performing PEDICURE-MANICURE, TATTOO Parlors , Body--Piercing Studios( Eg. EAR- Piercing),   Veterinary Clinics and Medical Labs. Typical Applications include sterilization of instruments for routine OUT PATIENT Examination ( Gynaecological Specula, Proctoscopy instruments, E.N.T. mirrors & probes, DENTAL P.M.T. sets and other instruments , tongue depressors etc.). These machines are very popular especially with DENTISTS and Nail Salons( & even with Celebrities who prefer to have their PEDICURES-MANICURES done in the comfort of their homes). Governments in advanced countries have enacted laws mandating the use of AUTOCLAVE in Nail Salons and Tattoo Parlours, and this is where CONICLAVE comes in handy. 

CONICLAVE is  designed to economise on electric power consumption(in addition to being very economically priced itself), automatic and convenient to operate. After placing instruments in the sterilizer one needs to just switch on and the equipment controls the rest.

It is very simple to install, use and maintain.

It operates on sterilization cycle of 121--125 degrees C temperature and 15--20psi pressure for 22 minutes.

Power consumption is minimal since in CONICLAVE electric power flows through the heating elements for only 40 to 54% of the time  during the cycle. Power supply to the HEATING ELEMENTS gets cut- off when desired temperature is achieved and gets on when it gets lower than the fixed.

CONICLAVE has International Safety features: double safety value, precise weight to release steam at appropriate time and automatic power cut at specific temperature and time. It also features a three-- pronged "OVER PRESSURE" SAFEGUARD contrivance comprising of a Calibrated  Pressure Release Valve, a Gasket Blow-out Slot and a SPECIAL BLOW-OUT Exhaust which gets activated at HIGHER pressures.  Besides, a mechanical contrivance has been incorporated to forestall the building-up of pressure inside the autoclave in the event that the operator erroneously fails to close the LID properly.

CONICLAVE affords audio-visual monitoring of sterilization cycle completion (indicator/buzzer). Visual indicators (pilot lamps) are provided to show the process of sterilization.

CONICLAVE comes with a life time warranty on the heating element.

Standard/OPTIONAL  Accessories :
1.One Stainless Steel dressing drum/Perforated S.S. basket, 4-Tier SWING-OPEN S.S. instrument Container, S.S. Cassette Rack with Cassette Box.

2. One measuring cup for filling appropriate quantity of DISTILLED/ Reverse Osmosis Water into the autoclave.
3. Sterilizing indicators. SPARE gasket of SILICONE/Neoprene Rubber.

Technical Specifications :
Sterilizing vessel is made up of toughened medical grade   Aluminium. Its inner surface is polished and outer is long life   powder coated.
• Capacity of sterilizing vessel:- ---13.5liters.
• Power consumption- 2000 watts.
• Duration of sterilizing cycle- 22minutes
• Power supply- A.C. 220 Volts, 50 Hz. 

  Available in a choice of COLORS:-  Flambuoyant ORANGE, Fabulous PURPLE & modest BEIGE.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ( For  Beauty  Saloons):---------

Reuse of Instruments(Like Cuticle Nippers, Cuticle Pushers, Nail Files, Rotary Nail Filer Drill-Bits, Ear Pick, Blackhead Removers, Tweezers  and Forceps; in tattoo studios:---- NEEDLE BAR, NEEDLE GRIP & TUBE) in Nail Salons, ear-piercing and Tattoo- parlors presents substantial risks of transmission of deadly infections like HERPES, HEPATITIS, AIDS, etc, unless these are sterilized by Autoclaving in between use on successive clients. This is because these instruments can abrade the skin and contact bodily fluids(Blood/Serum does not need to be actually visible on the instrument to be able to transmit infection) which can then be passed on to the operators hand or dyes or directly come in contact with inadvertently pierced skin of a subsequent client, thereby infecting the client. In 1960's more than 2 dozen clients were inadvertently infected with HEPATITIS C because the salon technician used the same razor on them all. He had used a commercial disinfectant which nevertheless proved inadequate. A person could be infected with HEPATITIS C for 30 years before beginning to feel disease symptoms. Liability for transmission of a dangerous disease can potentially devastate a nail salon's business. Though some nail salons employ liquid disinfectants/ ultraviolet irradiation purportedly to disinfect reusable instruments, none of these methods is consistently as FAIL-SAFE as is AUTOCLAVING. A study based on sensitive quantitative testing conducted by Scientists of Center for Devices and Radiological health, FDA, Maryland (USA) suggested that most commercial liquid sterilants are less effective on contaminated surfaces than is generally acknowledged, and that bacterial spores do survive treatment with commercial  sterilants. UV Light boxes are utterly useless to prevent most bacterial or fungal contamination in nail salon applications. They are not sterilizers, but are only suitable for storage of instruments which have first already been sterilized by Autoclaving etc.


Kristina Preston, contracted HERPES infection exactly on the spot where a cuticle-nipper accidentally cut her skin at a top-level beauty salon in Colorado (USA). A few days later, she started developing intensely painful blisters on all her ten fingers. Later the HERPES- ZOSTER virus took FOOTHOLD in her NERVOUS SYSTEM and so she started getting repeated sicknesses like pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections. She sued the saloon and a jury awarded her $3,075,000 as compensation. Because of such instances, authorities in many western countries and states like Texas promulgated laws mandating use of Autoclaves in Nail Saloons. The Indian Union Minister for Tourism, Ms. Renuka Choudhury, stressed the need to make use of Autoclave an indispensable part of nail salon routine and outlined plans envisaged by her ministry to categorize and STANDARDISE beauty salons in India as a prelude to promotion of saloon- tourism.




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