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Micro processor controlled Automatic Horizontal steam sterilizerMULTIPURPOSE PORTABLE FUMICATOR

Microprocessorized Multi program Horizontal Autoclave (VACUUM)
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Microprocessorized Multi program Horizontal Autoclave (VACUUM)

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Micro processor controlled Multi program Automatic Horizontal Autoclave Multi Programmable With VACUUM PUMP (Item code No 1041 ULTRA)



Available with a choice of cylindrical or rectangular sterilization chambers, this exquisitely feature packed autoclave has a door equipped with the highly reliable RADIAL arms looking system as well as pressure lock for extra safety. This arrangement ensures secure and air-tight fastening of the door. The sterilizer chamber and various other parts are made of quality stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.
Operation of this fully automatic autoclave is controlled by a high quality microprocessor and sophisticated electronics and integrated circuits.

Even through fully automatic with the provision for enabling (storing in memory) a multitude of custom programs (for tailor made sterilization cycles with different temperatures and cycle duration), yet it is a very cost effective and practical sterilizer easy to use. Its operational simplicity results from its sophisticated control system and highly reliable rugged hardware.

Even in the unlikely event of a luckless breakdown, our valued customers are assured of prompt and cost effective repair with minimum downtime.

Safety & Convenience Features: - To protect the autoclave and operating personnel, an arrangement has been made that the cycle will not start unless the door is locked. Besides,a pressure-lock system ensures that the door will not open while the chamber remains pressurized above a safety level.The built-in steam generator companies of a electric heater controlled by an Automatic Digital Temperature Controller, electric pressure switch, automatic water-filing system & safety valves. Pressure maintenance of set temperature is effected via auto-cut off mechanism through digital temperature controller as well as automatic pressure switch.

All sterilization and post-vacuum drying phases(microprocessor-controlled) such as water filling, steam generation process,Pre-vacuum phase, sterilization and post-vacuum drying phase proceed automatically and can be easily MONITORED. At any time during the cycle the operator can appraise of the current (present) Temperature, the remaining sterilization or drying time, the successive phases and the water level of the reservoir by means of the alphanumeric display.If any abnormal condition alarm occurs, error messages are depicted via alarm as well as the alphanumeric display, thanks to the self diagnostic function of the microprocessor software.

The autoclave features an in-built Vacuum Pump controlled by the microprocessor which affords reliable Pre-Vacuum for effective Air-Removal prior to the sterilization phase. More complete air removal (& therefore better penetration and uniform distribution of steam) is achieved by employing a fractionated pre-vacuum than by thermodynamic displacement by steam alone. Presence of air inside the chamber is detrimental to the quality of sterilization because this hampers uniform distribution of steam owing to the differential bulk-elasticity and densities of air and steam. Air is a poorer conductor of  heat than steam. Air also has less spore-killing  power than steam. This is Important when loads have to be sterilized in pouches or are porous or consist or  narrow hollow tubing. Post-Vacuum facility is provided for effective drying of sterilized loads. This is very useful in case of porous articles like gowns and drapes(which are unsafe to use if damp) and in case of lumened instruments which may have to be stored for some time before use after sterilization.

Relevant parameters such as time and Date of sterilization name of the operator, batch No. of the load, the set temperature and time duration of the particulars cycle etc. can be fed and stored into the memory of the microprocessor for record purpose. Also, the current temperature if displayed (real time) throughout the cycle.

In-Built Reverse Osmosis [RO] Automatic Feed Water System is incorporated in the unit. This provides High Quality water of very low TDS to prevent scaling and damage to the valves and costly instruments.

Serial port for interfacing with a desktop / laptop computer and printer is available optionally so that obtaining hard copies of sterilization cycle data and reprogramming the unit's microprocessor for upgrades in future can be done. 

         CENTRALISED OPERATION:- The AUTOCLAVE features a centralised operation CONSOLE. Two types of exhaust speed are available:-one Rapid and one slow. The jacket pressure/vacuum-level and the sterilizing chamber pressure/vacuum level are easily & readily readable from a compound gauge mounted on the front control panel board.

ELECTRIC  CONTROL BOARD:-  Electrical control board is fitted onto the FRONT aspect of the sterilizer body. Fitted with various safety devices:-three phase indicator, one main switch, high pressure control and over-high pressure control relay, high voltage safety device, push-button starter, indications of the phase of the sterilization cycle, etc.

STERILIZATION PRESSURE:- Normally this has been set at 20psi but is adjustable. If pressure in the chamber rises above the set point, then power supply to the steam generator elements gets automatically cut-off and an alarm is activated. Conversely, Power supply to the heating elements is resumed when pressure falls below the set point. The Digital temperature controller system likewise ensures that power to the heaters gets cut-off when the set temperature is reached and gets resumed when temperature falls below the set point.

Heating Elements have been fitted in a STEAM GENERATOR( separate from the steam-jacket and the sterilizing chamber) at the bottom of the equipment array. Easily replaceable immersion type heating elements (of 3 kilo-Watts each) have been provided. A removable cover of the same material as the outer cover has been provided to protect the elements. The Steam generator is equipped with low water-level cut-off system. If the water level goes down, the power supply to the heaters is automatically cut-off and low-water warning is depicted on the control panel board.

                         OPTIONAL SAFETY DOORS:-
1) If required, a SAFETY-LOCKABLE DOOR SYSTEM can be provided in which the door cannot be opened whilst the chamber is under pressure. The self-locking safety contrivance automatically locks the door once pressure has risen beyond the safety level. In addition, of course, a MANUALLY operable lever-lock is provided for extra safety.
   If required, a double door system can be provided wherein at the front is the 'loading door' and at the back is the 'delivery door'. So long as one door remains open the other cannot be opened. This arrangement ensures non-contamination and maintenance of sterility of the autoclaved load during transfer from inside the sterilising chamber to the operating room(with clean/sterile ambient air). Contamination is precluded through OMISSION of contact with UNSTERILE ambient air at the INTERFACE of the OPERATING ROOM and the interior of the autoclave.

   Following strategies are resorted to for ensuring PROPER DRYNESS of AUTOCLAVED load in this machine:--
1) The AUTOCLAVE is of TRIPLE-WALLED type. During the drying phase, CESSATION of steam supply into the sterilizing chamber while continuing of flow of STEAM into the STEAM JACKET encompassing the sterilising chamber greatly facilitates drying of the autoclaved load.
2) Of course, POST VACUUM programme is available which affords drying even of porous loads, linen etc.
3) An in-line STEAM FILTER (of the COALESCER-cum-VORTEX-SEPARATOR type) is incorporated in the path of steam supply to the sterilizing chamber. This eliminates problems such as wet packs and stained instruments while preventing rusting and prolonging instrument life. As steam passes through this filter, the moisture(aerosolised water droplets) and solid contaminants(entrained in the steam flow) are removed by a two-stage process:- firstly by the VORTEX type CENTRIFUGAL MOISTURE separator and subsequently by the liquid-repelling surface of the sub-micron-size COALESCING filter element. The separated droplets gravitate down and are removed by the steam trap. This system entails no moving parts and is largely maintenance-free.


 Ultra Cylindrical

(Item code No.1041C)

Chamber Size


in Liters

Ultra Rectangular

(Item code No.1041R)

Chamber Size 


In Liters

 Single door  400  x  900 mm
 300 x 300 x 1200 mm
 Single door  400  x  1200 mm
  400 x 400 x 1200 mm
 Single door  500  x  1200 mm
  500 x 500 x 1200 mm
 Single door  550  x  1200 mm
 600 x 600 x 1200 mm
 Double door
 400  x  1200 mm
 300 x 300 x 1200 mm
 Double door
 500  x  1200 mm
 400 x 400 x 1200 mm
 Double door
 550  x  1200 mm
 500 x 500 x 1200 mm

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